History of the Chapter

Act! Pittsburgh:  History of the Chapter

Who we are

Since late 2007 Act! Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh chapter of Act! For America, has informed Americans about Islam, the political-social-religious cultural matrix founded by Mohammed in eighth-century Arabia.

The chapter began by sending out informational emails from a plethora of articles, books and symposiums available post-9/11 and it has continued expanding from there.

What we are about

Faithful to the mission and vision of its national parent organization Act! For America, the chapter held regular meetings and formed a core membership from the hundred who attended, meanwhile continuing to educate hundreds more via email.  Each year special committees emerged to administer projects using member talents.  For example, the chapter launched the  Legislative Committee that found sponsorship for a PA bill, “American Law for American Courts” crafted by the Center for Security Policy which prohibits the use of foreign law to adjudicate cases in U.S. Courts.

The chapter forged support relationships with organizations such as area Tea Parties and 912 groups because as Americans we believe people with shared concerns prosper when they work in concert and good faith.  We accepted invitations to speak at public forums like the Conservative Coalition and the Republican Committee, just to name two, to spread the message that we desperately need to understand Islam as it relates directly to Americans’ everyday concerns.

Routinely, we set up Act! information booths at public events, for example Eagle Forum of Ohio’s annual conference.  The chapter invited outside speakers such as Clay Mankameyer, Ambassador of the Flight 93 Memorial, to speak to our members at meetings.  We also were privileged to  host national leaders when they made presentations here in Pittsburgh, as did Brigitte Gabriel, founder of Act! For America, and Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy.

Always, we initiated chapter growth by inviting people onto our email ACTivist list while encouraging involved chapter members to develop trust in one another along with friendship.

The chapter kept a “conversation” going with Act! For America:  joining conference calls, mentoring new chapter leaders, helping develop national projects.  At the Act! Conference held each June in Washington, DC, we networked and learned from other chapters and the organization.

After 25 chapter meetings, some 50 public events, and steady chapter growth in numbers as well as community visibility and good will, a new Act! Pittsburgh 2013 is dynamically positioned for what lies ahead.  Now under a new leader, the chapter will shift focus as the blog actpittsburgh.wordpress.com becomes the chapter’s beating heart–a meeting place for all to come!

With genuine pleasure and a grateful heart I welcome this change—and at the same time thank our wonderful members for bringing us to this point.  I’d like to say to the new Chapter Leader of Act! Pittsburgh, Pastor Bruce Leonatti, I am so appreciative, Bruce, of your generous spirit and  I wish you well in your undertaking with this courageous, elegant and transformative blog.

Bruce executed his previous work as Chairman of the chapter’s Education Committee with practicality and resolve.  Now his leadership vision will serve to guide the chapter in new, productive directions.  Good luck, Pastor Bruce, God speed you on the way.  We are all of us profoundly in your debt.



Sarah Hart, Founder

Act! Pittsburgh

February 28, 2013


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