In the past several years, thanks to the excellent work of Sarah, the Pittsburgh Chapter of Act for America has had several high quality meetings per year. We may have similar meetings in the future, but for now our meeting place is the Blog and our meeting time is any time.
But an idea for another kind of meeting is the new concept of meeting-up. Meeting-up can take many forms, and it can be adapted to specific group needs. Meeting-up for our Chapter will be an informal gathering of Act Pittsburgh members at another meeting of another group.
For example. When our local Tea Party has a meeting, several of us may decide to meet-up at their meeting. In the past, Act Pittsburgh has had a booth at Tea Party meetings, but that is not in the plans for now. However that does not mean we cannot sit together and share concerns and ideas. We can even bring food. I suggest PORK & Beans. Everyone bring a can of PORK & Beans. We will put them in a common pot and celebrate “Islamic Halal.”
If you are going to a meeting of another group and would like a few of us to meet your friends, we would be happy to come and share the event. As conservatives, we all have a common enemy -TOTALITARIANISM- in what ever form it takes. Let me know if you would like us to come to your event.
This page will also be used to announce up coming events and opportunities to gather for our common cause.

Next Meeting-up: Westmoreland Count Conservative Colition, Cornerstone Ministries, March 19th, 7:00pm


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