Members & Friends

Members & Friends

Act! Pittsburgh does not have an official membership list. Your name or email address is always kept confidential.  Your name or email address will not be sent to Act! For America.  If a person expresses interest in the Chapter, and extends a helping hand in a variety of ways, that person is considered a member.  The Chapter has no dues or membership fees.  We are not a non-profit (501).3, so we do not accept donations.  We do not solicit donations.  The Chapter functions on a personal sweat equity basis from need to need.  If we have any specific needs, we will post them on the blog.  Every Act for America Chapter must have a Chapter President who is an official member of Act for America.

Friends are those persons who simply visit the Chapter Blog and choose to make supportive  comments to blog posts.

Communication with Members and Friends will be largely through the Blog.  Friends are those who volunteer to “follow” the blog and sign up to receive email notices when posts are made on the blog. Your time is valuable. If you give us your email address, we will limit the number of direct non-blog emails from the Chapter to Members and Friends, but we are always happy to receive unlimited emails from you.

We hope that you will “Follow” our blog site, become a member or friend, and support our crusade against radical Islam.


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