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Boston Bombing, Eye Witness Speaker

Posted in Act Pittsburgh, Terrorism with tags , , , on April 27, 2013 by thehelperthatabidesforever

Boston Marathon

These are the words of Scott Bowman, an eyewitness, who was some where in this crowd just thirty feet from the blast. His wife Aileen was running toward the finish line at the time.

“About two or three minutes later a blast so powerful knocked us immediately to the ground. I knew right away it was a bomb.  No doubt in my mind.  Immediately, I went deaf in my right ear. As I lay there on top of Cathy, another explosion occurred about 10 seconds later. I could barely hear Cathy say to me, we have to get out of here.”

Scott and his wife Aileen have tentatively agreed to speak at a future Act Pittsburgh Meeting to be scheduled for sometime in July. When the meeting is finalized, the time and date will be posted in June. We will up date you on the progress of this meeting through our blog.

We give our deepest thanks to Aileen and Scott for agreeing to speak at our meeting. If you would like to see Aileen interviewed on TV, Google: “Indiana couple reunites amid terror at Boston, WTAE”