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Brutal Mentality, Final Step to Terrorism

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In his book, “The Terrorist Next Door,” Erick Stakelbeck points out that the last stage of the radicalization of a terrorist is the development of a brutal mentality.

For fundamentalist Muslims, this psychological stage of mentality begins at home with the abuse of Muslim women and girls by fathers and brothers. Female toddlers are subjected to FMG (Female Genital Mutilation), and their mothers are beaten according to Sharia Law.

The normal, human, moral conscience must first be desensitized by hate, and then exposed to repeated dehumanization of a specific group of people. The women in Islamic families are that first group of people to be used to bring about this process that leads to the development of a brutal mentality. The next group of course are Jews and Christians.

As is the pattern with abusers and pathological, serial killers, they all consistently have a history of animal abuse or child abuse in their early developmental stages. A brutal mentality must be developed in order for a person to be able to carryout inhumane acts of terrorism. It takes that type of brutal mentality to place a bomb at the feet of an eight-year-old little boy innocently watching a marathon.

The older brother of the two Boston Bombers had at least two criminal charges of abuse of women (a girlfriend and his wife). And the Boston Police are even now looking into the older brother’s possible connection to the unsolved murders of three Cambridge Jewish students in 2011.

A brutal mentality is a necessary step to terrorism. The burka hides more than we sometimes think.