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Stealth Jihad on TV, Blue Bloods

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I was watching one of my favorite TV programs the other night –Blue Bloods. I had recorded it a few weeks prior to my viewing.  When I saw Muslim characters and an Islamic theme developing in the episode, my interest spiked. How would they present a controversial issue of American-Muslim relations?

A young, white Catholic girl was murdered, and the first suspects were Muslim. In the beginning, there was a balance of good Muslims and bad Muslims, good Americans, and bad Americans. This would be balanced scripting, but then as the show progressed the pro-Islamic propaganda mounted to the point of being ridiculous. The bad Muslim was “justly” bad because of American bigotry inflicted upon him as a child on the day of 9/11. The bad Americans were bad “purely” because of the usual religious prejudices. But the climax of Islamic pandering occurred, when the father of the murdered girl admits that he killed his daughter because she had turned Muslim.  What is this? Oh, of course, a Roman Catholic honor killing. The father -a devout Catholic- had killed his daughter because she had turned Muslim for her Muslim boy friend.

So let me ask you?  In your lifetime, when did you ever hear of a Roman Catholic honor killing?  NEVER.  But have you ever heard of a Muslim honor killing?  YES.  A Muslim father kills his daughter for even dating a non-Muslim boy -often in this country, and frequently in Muslim countries.

Reality was turned upside down in order to portray a Roman Catholic, as being just a violent as many Muslims are about inter-religious dating and marriage. As a side dish of distortion, Muslims are only angry because they have been mistreated, and Americans are always bigots and willing to kill their children rather than accept Islam.

But this is all part of dimmi, stealth jihad coming into your home courtesy of the useful idiots in the TV media.  I am sure; CAIR pre-examined the script and approved it as Sharia compliant. How many Americans watched this show and accepted it as true to life? America was under jihad attack that night.

Foolish me, I forgot that the U.S. Army has now listed the Catholic Church as a terrorist group. It all makes sense now. Google that for a continuation of this story.